- - 4iiii Introduces New Portable Stationary Trainer

4iiii Introduces New Portable Stationary Trainer

4iiii introduced a new, portable stationary trainer called the Fliiiight this week, offering smart capabilities at an affordable price. 

The Fliiiight trainer was developed in partnership with STAC, featuring the company’s zero-contact induction resistance technology that promises quieter operation and no tire wear. 

“We promised the market disruptive innovation when we acquired STAC Performance and now we’re delivering on that commitment, with a new brand, a fresh product design, and revolutionary engineering enhancements,” said Kip Fyfe, CEO of 4iiii.

“Fliiiight is the culmination of what we had initially envisioned with the trainer experience: silent and lightweight, industry-leading ease of setup, and a complete training experience on any platform,” said Andrew Buckrell, the creator of the STAC Zero trainer and 4iiii’s Technical Director.

According to 4iiii, the Fliiiight works with popular training software such as Zwift and TrainerRoad, as well as the company’s other products such as its heart monitors and power meters.

The Fliiiight sells for $600, and will be available starting in October. 


  • Integrated powerful magnets generate resistance against your wheel without any contact, allowing for a near silent training experience.
  • Designed to fold flat for easy storage or transport and 2+ hours of battery-powered operation means you can train anywhere, anytime.
  • Induction technology applies resistance for a realistic road feel with zero contact and no tire wear. No trainer tires, no wheel removal—your bike is always outdoor or race ready.




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