- - AX Lightness Vial Disc Road Bike

AX Lightness Vial Disc Road Bike

The high performance racing bike incl. the illustrated components showing top qualities both in the mountains and on profiled terrain only weighs 4,9kg.

Our in-house developments comprise the following parts:

• Frame: monocoque, high stiffness in the bottom bracket area

• Saddle: four different models

• Seatpost: straight and cranked

• Handlebar: two models

• Stem: unique loop clamps, appropriate for the material used and therefore light (64 g)

• Brakes: three models with patented application of force at the brake arms

• Crankset: BB386 evo standard for maximum bearing stance

• Rims: reinforced spoke holes that are not drilled additonally; no limit on the spoke tension!

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