- - Avanti Presents Katy Perry with Custom Bike

Avanti Presents Katy Perry with Custom Bike

American pop singer, Katy Perry, was recently presented with a custom painted Avanti Inc 2 flat-bar road bike by Paint My Bike, at a ceremony at the AllPhones Arena in Sidney – following the end of her Australian tour.

Perry is said to be an avid cyclist, who likes ride to concerts when touring in the US.  To wit: 

“Katy is an avid cyclist, and they came up with the idea of getting a bike and having it custom painted for her. She rides to venues in the US when on tour, giving out free tickets along the way.”


Perry recently caused a stir when she was spotted riding in Perth without a helmet. Therefore, Paint My Bike also decided to make up a custom painted Bell Faction helmet for her as well.


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