- - BH Bikes Launches Brand Ambassador Program

BH Bikes Launches Brand Ambassador Program

Even though we’re strictly "roadies" here, we felt compelled to give one of our favorite brands, BH, a shout out for their MTB Ambassador Program.

Who knows, one of these days we might just let our hair down, or grow in (as in legs), and take to the dirt. 😆   

BH BIKES – 2015 MTB Ambassador Program Application


Greetings. And thanks for joining us. If you’ve navigated your way to this application you’ve probably seen a press release or a bit of media coverage about our new mountain bike ambassador program. You see, we’re looking for a few good riders. Not necessarily world beaters (although podiums always rock,) but the kind of riders whose spring, summer and fall calendars are dotted with big plans and big rides. We’ve been making the best bikes in the world since 1909. The best riders of the past century have ridden our bikes to victories on cycling’s grandest stages for over 100 years. In 2015, we want to be part of YOUR journey. That bike leaning against your car in the background of that rad selfie you took of you and your pals? We want it to say BH on the downtube. We want to be the bike that helped turn your big rides from good to GREAT. The one that inspires you to go bigger. Faster. Harder. The one that inspires you to dig deep and celebrate your own awesomeness. Join us and you’ll get a firsthand look at the bikes editors from around the globe are raving about. If accepted, you’ll pick from our 2X Olympic gold medal winning Ultimate hardtail, our 29" Lynx 4.8 (dress it up to race or dress it down to brawl!) or the terrain-smashing 27.5" Lynx 6, recently ridden to the top step of the European Enduro Championships by living legend Karim Amour.

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