- - Baidu's "Dubike" Concept Bike

Baidu's "Dubike" Concept Bike

Often referred to as China’s equivalent to Google, Baidu has teamed up with Tsinghua University’s design department to create a very unique concept bike – called the "Dubike". 

The Dubike is not motorized like one would expect, rather, it’s designed to keep riders "connected" though the use of generating system that relies upon kinetic energy to power the bike’s onboard programs and "devices". 

In addition, the Dubike also features fully integrated sensors, whereby onboard apps can be used as fitness trackers, power meters, a bike computer, navigation, security and other programs that can work in conjunction with the bike’s operating system. 

There’s been no word on price or availability as of yet. And, the likelihood of it reaching the shores of the USA are slim at best. But, never say never.

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