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Blackmore is a British based apparel company, that’s turned to crowd funding as a way to bring their slick looking cycling togs to market. 

Their mission is to make bespoke apparel, while keeping production local – in a grassroots manner that we all love to hear about.

So check out their campaign on KickStarter. Dig !  

We are an independent clothing company based in Essex, England, making cycling apparel that we are proud to call our own.


About this project

Blackmore is a company born from the ideas of a trio of designers and manufacturers based in Essex, England. It is our goal to produce a range of bespoke cycle range for the British rider that we are proud to call our own.

We believe that there is a gap in the market for a distinctive, individual company to emerge in the UK that doesn’t just focus on elite cycling but has a firm grasp on their locality through association with grassroots projects and independent bike shops.

Apart from our love of cycling our background comes from fashion design, manufacturing and print, which we do from our base in the heart of Essex. We want to grow as a business and keep as much of our production in house as we possibly can providing jobs within the local community and keeping us in touch with our roots.

Our sportive style jersey

We have worked hard to select the finest fabrics and best quality trims to bring our ideas to life. We have sourced our own patterns and printed and constructed our initial jersey samples in house and we are hoping to be ready to be in full production for Spring 2015.

Our race fit (full zip) jersey

Currently we are looking for initial funding through our Kickstarter campaign. And you can keep up to date with our progress through our pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Our signature mtb jersey

We don’t want to build this brand in order to sell it at the highest price to the first bidder. We want to build a brand that we are proud to call our own.

We want to be individual and we want to be Blackmore. 

I founded Blackmore during the Summer of 2014 with the intention of making a unique brand that will give the British rider a line of clothing that will provide the diversity, value and quality that I have found lacking in the current market.

Over several coffees and lengthy conversations I decided to leave my job as a primary school teacher and partner up with two close friends and fellow riders, who have roots in clothing design and manufacturing, to produce the finest cycle clothing that we can. A brand that we will be proud to put our names to.

At Blackmore we believe in cycling as a lifestyle choice and aim to provide apparel to suit all sides of British riding. As a teacher in my former life I am keen to give back to the local community by forming links with local clubs, shops and community projects. As designers and manufacturers we are intent on forging our own style, which is what we believe is missing from the current market. A style that makes your clothing as individual as your are, using the highest quality performance fabrics and trims to allow you to go to work, to race or slide around in the woods without a care. The way riding your bike should be.

Our first range. The Signature Duck.
The second range "Black Fluere"
3. Love for the 50’s pack
4. Marbre pack
5. English Rose pack
6. Patriot Pack

How to find us. For now…

Risks and challenges

With our background in manufacturing we know all too well the pitfalls that can appear in a moments notice. We are using a range of trusted suppliers to make sure that this is not the case. We aim to produce designs and products that we are proud to call our own and have community and customer service at their heart.

We believe that by using our background in the textile industry and manufacturing we will be able to produce our goods at a better price and crucially get a foothold in what we recognize to be an already competitive and quality driven market.

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