- - Brian Cookson: "Armstrong Could Receive Reduced Ban"

Brian Cookson: "Armstrong Could Receive Reduced Ban"

Brian Cookson made his presence known as a guest at this year’s Six-Days of Ghent, and availed himself to questions by the media.

Perhaps, the most provocative question that was posed to the UCI president, involved Lance Armstrong, and the possibility of a reduction in the life-time ban that he’s currently serving for "doping" – in exchange for his cooperation in future investigations.   

"Early this year, I created an independent commission (CIRC) to launch a major doping investigation. They were given sufficient resources but otherwise the UCI is not involved. The results should give us a better look at the "old" cycling."


"I think that every system should provide the possibility of rehabilitation. Also for Lance Armstrong."


"If he can give us valuable information about cycling in that era, then a reduced sentence must be a possibility. However, the final responsibility is in the hands of the US Anti-Doping Agency USADA. If they don’t agree, it will remain unchanged."

"I want to change things compared to the past. That’s one of the reasons why I was elected."


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