- - Copyright "A Lesson Learned"

Copyright "A Lesson Learned"

Let me begin by saying, although we strive to scrupulously honor the rights of photo journalists, it’s not always easy to discern the origins of a particular photo. Indeed, at times the internet can be a veritable "jungle" as it relates to the ownership of images. And, despite our best efforts to refrain from using images that contain copyright marks of any sort without expressed permission, it can be extremely difficult to know what belongs to who ? Especially, since so many well known cycling publications use the same photos repeatedly, with only a handful of them crediting the source. This often gives the impression that the images are up for grabs. However, that was not the case for us a couple of weeks ago.  

One of the UK’s well known cycling photo journalists, Chris Keller-Jackson, recently brought to our attention, the use of three of his photos in a couple of articles we published a few months ago. While this was purely an oversight on our part with no malice intended, it was nevertheless an error.

Fortunately, Chris was gracious enough to give us a "free pass" this time with a little well deserved admonishment. Needless to say, this served as an important lesson for us with regard to paying even closer attention to copyrighted photos – going forward. 

Again, our sincere thanks to Chris Keller-Jackson for his understanding in this matter. 

Chris Keller- Jackson

07814 597588
International Cycle Journalists Association (AIJC) No GBR 031

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