- - Cycling "Wave Campaign"

Cycling "Wave Campaign"

With one hand in the air, and all but one finger retracted, is typically how most cyclists respond to an untoward motorist. 

However, one urban cyclist is working on a way to ensure "bicycle bonafides", with his "wave" campaign.

So far the campaign has been so successful, that President Obama is considering appointing a "Wave Czar" to oversee its progress. He just has to wait and see if USADA will allow Lance to assume the role first.    😉 


                             Cyclist. Motorist. Both People.
Both going places. But at some point we made up a story about how different we all are. It’s time restore some common courtesy to life’s highway. We suggest applying something simple and universal — a wave. See if it doesn’t make your day flow a little smoother.
                       Roll Nice Y’all.

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