- - Cycling Hautacam Pyrenees

Cycling Hautacam Pyrenees

From the Col Collective 

Deep in the heart of the Midi-Pyrénées, Hautacam may not have the length, height or prestige of the Col du Tourmalet but that’s exactly the deceptive nature it uses to lull you into a false sense of security when tackling its slopes for the first time. In fact, I’d go one step further and say that, despite having ridden it a number of times now, I never feel that I’m fully in control on this ascent. The road hits you hard from the start and continues to undulate like a roller-coaster offering moments of respite before pitching up again to over double figures, pushing you further into the red. It always gives a sense that it’s just toying with me, seeing how much I can take before turning the screw just a little bit more. In some respect this is why I like it so much, the lure of such a challenge never fades and as you approach the top the tree line opens up to reveal a new world of greatness which makes every hard earned pedal stroke all the more rewarding. We hope this video helps provide an insight into how to climb this testing yet rewarding mountain.

  • Length of climb 13 kilometers 
  • Start elevation 456 Meters 
  • Summit elevation 1520 Meters 
  • Elevation gain 1064 Meters 
  • Gradient (avg) 8%
  • Gradient (max) 10 % at 10km

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