- - De Marchi Issues Bottecchia Commemorative Jersey

De Marchi Issues Bottecchia Commemorative Jersey


De Marchi is adding another jersey to their  "Time Capsule" line of jerseys. The lastest jersey is the Bottecchia/Ursus jersey as worn by Louison Bobet in 1951, to be produced in very limited numbers.

                                                                        TIME CAPSULE

                                                     Authentic Masterpieces. Reborn.


Light years away from the mediocrity of cheap and unauthorized replicas that are easily available today, De Marchi is bringing back to life a selection of Authentic and Authorized Historical Jerseys worn by some of the greatest champions of Cycling’s Golden Age and that were originally manufactured by De Marchi back in the day. Pure new wool, real mother-of-pearl buttons, original Cornely embroidery, rigorously made in Italy. Available in limited quantities.

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