- - Derringer Vintage Inspired Electric Bike

Derringer Vintage Inspired Electric Bike

The California based Derringer Cycles, is seeking $75,000 in crowd funding through Kickstarter in order to get it’s latest project underway – a nostalgic looking electric bike that’s reminiscent of the old velodrome style motorbikes.   

According to Derringer, the frame is constructed from TIG welded cromo steel in Oregon, while the bikes are later assembled Los Angeles, California. The battery is a  lithium-ion type – that’s available in 37, 52, or 63-volt options – each with a 12.5 Ah capacity. The bikes are USA street legal – with 750 watts and 20mph maximum speed allowable. Some models feature a computer that allows the rider to tune the bike up to either 2000 or 2800 watts. 

Derringer says, “The battery resides in an enclosure inspired by the fuel tanks from vintage board track racing motorcycles. It mounts in close proximity to the motor controller, minimizing unsightly wiring. The motor controller resides in a vented enclosure styled after the rear mounted oil tanks and tool boxes on early vintage motorcycles.”

Cool bike indeed !

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