- - Diamondback Launches Serios Time Trial Bike

Diamondback Launches Serios Time Trial Bike

While the Diamondback brand isn’t one that speaks to the incorrigible "euro-gucci" in us, once we get off our ostrich-posture, their new Serios time trial bike boasts some impressive accomplishments.

Computational fluid dynamics,  extensive tubing profiling and wind tunnel testing – all punctuate what went into designing the new Serios. And in the end, Diamondback claims to have leveraged much if the competition. 

Available in three different configurations, here’s their ditty about the Serios range.   


Time Trials and triathlons are won by determination and grit. Hours training in the saddle are worth the precious seconds shaved off race times. The engineers behind the Serios have put in their work, too. Going into the design process fresh, they discovered the prevailing conventions in aero bike design were flawed: thinner profiles are not necessarily better. By experimenting with new and unique shapes, they created a bike that sees up to half the drag of the competition. It looks different because it is different.

The Serios AF is a full carbon marvel, designed in collaboration with engineers from HED and KQ Studios, wind tunnel and ergo experts. With this bike, Diamondback is making a statement: we are ready to succeed in the TT and triathlon markets. No detail was missed: unidirectional carbon is ultra-comfortable, light, and fast. The geometry lends itself to be ridden—it’s a bike that excels in corners and crosswinds. Spec’d out with full Dura-Ace, HED Jet wheels, and HEDCorsair bars, it features componentry that’s on par with the stellar frameset. Extra care was shown to ensure it can fit every member of the Optum pro team, staying comfortable for all body shapes on long pulls on the road. Give yourself every advantage with the fastest bike available today.


The dark art of aerodynamics doesn’t always follow intuition: when Diamondback teamed with industry experts HED and KQ Studios to design the Serios F, they ended up with revolutionary profiles that produce only half the drag of competitors’ bikes. A champ in the wind tunnel, it’s outside where it excels. In the real world of crosswinds and corners, this bike outperforms all others.

The Serios F frame is a worthy centerpiece. It is constructed with unidirectional carbon, unparalleled in power transfer and comfort. With unique headset spacers, it’s able to fit every body shape: able to keep the entire Optum pro team comfortable, so they can concentrate on going faster than ever before. The geometry is that of a bike that handles: up, down, around hairpins—conditions you’ll actually encounter in a time trial or triathlon. Featuring a full Shimano Ultegra group and HED wheels, it is ready for race day. When every second counts, look to the Serios F to deliver.


Hardly an entry TT bike model, the Serios S sports the same advanced carbon frame and fork as its superbike siblings. Unidirectional fibers allow for the lightest and most responsive frame possible, giving nimble and solid ride characteristics. The straight line speed of this bike is eclipsed only by its ability to corner. Adaptable fit (comfortable for every rider on the Optum pro team—from 5’6” to 6’4”) ensures you’ll be concentrating on your cadence instead of a fatiguing body position. Outfitted with full Shimano 105 components and HED wheels, this is the most affordable Fastest Bike on the Planet. Be confident your bike is up to the task.

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