- - Diego Ulissi Gets 9 Month Ban for Doping

Diego Ulissi Gets 9 Month Ban for Doping

Diego Ulissi (Lampre-Merida) was handed a 9 month ban by the Swiss Olympic Association today, stemming from a failed drug test during this year’s Giro d”Italia back in June. 

The Lampre-Merida rider’s ban will run concurrent with his test failure on June 25, 2014, to the 28th of March of this year. 

“Finally a decision has come today after a long and difficult period for me,” Ulissi said in the release. “I feel it is important to underline the recognition that I have not acted with the intent to improve my athletic performance, but it has been established that I committed negligently, which of course I regret, especially for the corresponding damage which has been caused to the team. I have always received great support from the team as well as from my family who have constantly stayed close to me throughout these difficult times.

“I am pleased that, in the light of this decision, my victories and results obtained remain unchanged. I can now start to concentrate and look forward to planning my return to racing.”

Ulissi’s problems began when he failed a doping test after stage 11 of the Giro. Prior to, he won stages 5 and 8, but abandoned after stage 17 due to bronchospasm. 

Ulissi was allowed to use an inhaler to treat his symptoms during the race. However, a test later revealed that his urine contained levels of salbutamol, that were nearly double the amount allowed by code. In which case, he exceeded the 1000 ng/ml limit by 900 ng/ml.

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