- - Dog & Bone Launches New Waterproof Phone Case

Dog & Bone Launches New Waterproof Phone Case

While, there are many cases and solutions already on the market, D&B’s design leaves the touchscreen accessible for the rider to use. The company calls it their ‘topless’ design (no relation to Russ Meyer by the way ! 😉 ), wherein the screen isn’t concealed by thin layer of plastic like most other products do. Rather, D&B relies upon the fact that the screen is made of glass, and, therefore, is waterproof itself. Indeed  their design makes use of an effective seal that surrounds areas that are exposed, and keeps water from penetrating the device. This allows cyclists to be able to stop and answer calls, check GPS data, and even take some photos along the way.

The case has an IP rating of 68 – which means it’s protected against complete and continuous submersion in water up to a depth of 2 meters. The rugged case can also withstand being dropped from a height of 2 meters as well. Moreover, it’s also dirt, sand and snow proof, so you could use it off the bike for other sports. Even if one is not a cyclist, it’s a great case to have if you’re one of the clumsy impaired. 




 Waterproof Case



Wetsuit – an iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 waterproof rugged case like none other! Topless. Tough. Waterproof…you’re good to go!

Life is active. You work, you play, and you eat and drink. But no matter what, water is in your life every day.

Wouldn’t it make it that much easier if your smartphone could join you for both the smooth and the rough moments, the dry times and the wet ones and you didn’t have to worry all the while if it would live through the end of the day!

Dog & Bone’s new Wetsuit iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 case is waterproof, shockproof, dirtproof and snowproof. Jump from activity to activity – from land to water – and stay confident all the while your mobile phone is protected.

Better still, this waterproof and rugged mobile phone case is streams ahead of anything else. Not only is Dog & Bone’s Wetsuit iPhone 5s/5 waterproof case tough and rugged, yet masterfully slim and stylish with complete access to all ports and controls, but it has a unique cutting edge design like none other of its kind (patent pending). Wetsuit is the WORLD’S FIRST topless waterproof mobile phone case giving you optimum direct touch screen sensitivity.

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