- - Edco Offers 10/11 Speed Cassettes

Edco Offers 10/11 Speed Cassettes

Sick and tired of sidelining wheelsets because of incompatibility ? The Swiss company, Edco, now has a solution. Gee, that sounded very Ron Popeil like, didn’t it . 😆 

Unfortunately, innovation and new standards have left many cyclists who have upgraded to an 11 speed groupset, with little to no option regarding the use of their current 10 speed wheelset. 

However, Edco now provides a solution, with its new mono block cassette. 

Ah, since the cassette is all one piece, the end can be extended from the freehub, when used in conjunction with the special TEN+ELEVEN lock nut. As a result, an 11 speed cassette can now be made to fit a majority of 10 speed wheels. Moreover, at 163g it’s light. Still better, cyclists won’t have to chase after the "golden ass" on this one either, because Reynolds here in the USA is the importer.

The cassette is currently available in 11-25t only, but other combinations are likely to be produced.

The cost is $230, which puts it somewhere in between the price of Ron Popeil’s "Pocket Fisherman", and the average cassette from Shimano or SRAM. Dig !


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