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Endura Custom Fit Chamois

The British cycling apparel brand, Endura, has the perfect solution for cyclists who are in need of chamois specifics.


Their new FS260-Pro SL bibshort, has been developed in collaboration with team Movistar and the gebioMized dynamic saddle pressure measurement system, so cyclists can select the proper width of their chamois based on the width of saddle they’re riding, for optimal positioning and comfort. 

The premise is simple. By choosing the proper width chamois, the positioning of the padding will correctly cover the rider’s pressure points on the saddle, without being either too narrow, or too wide. Each size bibshort comes in three different chamois profiles.


In addition, Endura takes the concept a step further, by offering two leg lengths for each size; namely "standard" and "long". Endura claims that the longer sizes can offer better compression properties; especially for taller riders.


Three pad widths and two leg lengths for perfect body match…
When you work with a professional cycling teams like Movistar Team and Team NetApp-Endura, you learn quickly that the fit of cycling shorts is highly individual and varies with different body types. And just like a custom fitted bike and saddle can make all the difference, so can perfectly fitting bike shorts.
That’s why we now introduce the FS260-Pro SL Bibshorts which uses an innovative fitting system, developed with gebioMized®. By offering three pad width options and two leg lengths, the FS260-Pro SL provides an unbeatable body match and the removal of any excess padding that does not serve a purpose optimizes breathability, flexibility and ultimately, comfort. The Italian Power Lycra® combines lightweight and fast drying performance with muscle support and employs coldblack® technology to reduce build-up of heat as well as providing an SPF of 50+, making these the perfect warm weather performance bibshorts. The 3D mesh upper of the bibs guarantees optimal breathability. The FS260-Pro SL Bibshorts come in a pre-curved race fit and are equipped with the 700 series pad, a computer cut “continuously variable profile” (CVP) stretch pad with antibacterial finish.

To allow for a perfect body match, the innovative fitting system has been developed with gebioMized®, the experts for customized cycling products. Global leaders in bike fit, gebioMized® have a long history of working with best WorldTour teams, professional riders and triathletes to perfect their man / machine interface and positioning. Using a special software in combination with a measuring mat, the gebioMized®-Endura Pad Fit™ System quickly matches the correct seat pad according to a rider’s physiology as well as riding style.
We’ve provided an approximate guide of pad matching using sit bone widths and/or saddle widths in order to find the best matched pad. However it must be emphasised that this is a very rough guide only and the Endura-gebioMized® Pad Fit™ system is a far more accurate method of selecting the pad that will provide the greatest level of comfort to the rider. 
We’ve partnered with gebioMized® to deliver the world’s most advanced bike “Pad Fit” prescription tool in order to quickly and effectively recommend to individual cyclists the best fitting width option of 700 series pad for the FS260 Pro SL Bibshorts. The software and equipment will allow consumers who visit a retailer that has the Endura-gebioMized® saddle pressure measurement equipment to be accurately checked for the best comfort option for them within 2-3 minutes of cycling on the pressure measurement saddle after changing into an unpadded Lycra® fit short. The pressure measurement saddle mat used can be positioned on a fit bike (fitting jig) or on the customer’s own bike. 
The system consists of a thin mat containing a large number of pressure sensors which send information wirelessly to the PC while the rider pedals in a variety of riding positions. The software then analyses the 
results and matches to the pad width which will offer the best comfort and performance. This system offers an unrivalled combination of high tech dynamic pressure mapping with a simple conclusive result, pointing 
customers to the most suitable pad width for them.
The key differences to most other saddle fit systems used in store are that the measures are taken:
• In the riding position
• On a saddle
• While pedalling
• Using a very precise measuring device
If you don’t have access to a retailer with gebioMized® system, you can use your known sit bone measurements if these have been measured for a bike fit previously, or your saddle width (if it is known to be correct and comfortable) as a rough guide to the best 700 series pad width. Details are available in the Support section on our  website.

The new 700 series pad may look unassuming and downright simple at first sight, but those gentle contours hide a wealth of development and intensive research using the world’s most sophisticated dynamic saddle pressure measurement system (from gebioMized®) and backed up by testing and feedback from, amongst others, Movistar Team’s professional riders. The aesthetic result of this rigorous scientific analysis is a gently contoured pad with a smooth, unbroken profile. Our high tech Continuously Variable Profile (CVP) technology provides supportive padding only where required, with all superfluous material removed to minimise bunching and friction and maximise moisture transfer and flexibility.
The pad’s shaping was not preconceived by a designer attempting to create a technical appearance but instead is the natural outcome of systematic testing and development using the latest dynamic pressure mapping and construction technologies. Its elegant curves provide the optimal shape to minimise peak pressure points generated on the pad whilst cycling and this is the key to its comfort. As the 700 series pad has been born through a scientific approach to optimising function and performance it has been left as the unadulterated genuine article without indulging in pointless gimmicks designed to create a technical façade for those influenced by appearance.

The 700 series pad features:
• 3 width options to better match pelvic geometry and saddle pressure profiles of individual
riders. Supported by the Endura-gebioMized® Pad Fit™ system (patent pending)
• Length scaled to complement bib short size
• Multi-density Italian open-cell foam sandwich with flame lamination bonding to maximise stretch and
moisture transfer
• Continuously Variable Profile (CVP) contour cutting technology that minimises bunching and friction
• Italian high stretch, antibacterial, fast wicking, low friction polyamide/Lycra® face fabric
• Patented 3D mesh shaped front zone for improved fit and air circulation
• Sealed edge perimeter cutting for clean and smooth edge stitch
• Developed exclusively by Endura in collaboration with gebioMized®
Green: narrow pad Red: medium pad Blue: wide pad
For more information and prices, see our FS260-Pro SL Bibshorts product page

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