- - Ergon CF3 Carbon Seatpost

Ergon CF3 Carbon Seatpost

After some delay, the Ergon CF3 carbon seatpost is finally available on these shores.

According to Ergon,  “The delay to the USA market is a result of legal logistics and adapting the fine print and packaging for the North American retail level". 

Featuring a fascinating and intriguing design, the CF3 is essentially two pieces of carbon fiber joined by the saddle clamp. Together, they work as a leaf spring to absorb and reduce unwanted feedback and vibration generated by the road surface.   

While the seatpost mounts rearward at an angle (arc), pivots at the head of the seatpost ensure the saddle stays level. At 220g, the post is reasonably light weight. And, it’s available in 27.2 x 330mm with either a 0 or 25mm set back for $299.95.

The seat post has a 220lb rider weight limit and is not certified for off road use.

Each post includes a 7x7mm rail clamp, along with a 7x9mm oval rail clamp that’s available separately. Cool factor 10 !  



Ergon presents a brand new innovative seat post for the road. The post offers a uniquely comfortable ride while remaining lightweight, making it ideal to match to today’s ultra-stiff road frames. The seatpost is designed to flex offering added suspension, killing road buzz and soaking up imperfections in the road surface. The saddle moves backwards in arc motion, with the carbon suspension beams (Canyon VCLS Technology) equipped with pivots to ensure the saddle remains horizontal. The system is maintenance free, offers simple setback and saddle angle adjustment, and weighs in at about 220 g. Eurobike Award 2012 Winner

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