- - FSA Launches New Super Light Headset Bearings

FSA Launches New Super Light Headset Bearings

Weight weenies and gram counters alike will dance "The Dance of the Red Shoes" when they hear that FSA has launched a new super light headset !  

FSA’s new ‘SL’ headset bearings use the same steel inner race and balls as the company’s standard all-steel bearings. However, instead of an all-steel outer race and casing, the SL bearings use an minimized steel race that’s tucked inside an aluminum shell.

FSA claims the reduction in weight is substantial – as much as 38 percent lighter than conventional bearings. However, the figures are more modest in terms of actual mass – just 7.7-9.2g depending on size.

Still, that’s the equivalent of say – a small morsel of Clif Bar, a large belch, or a slight release of flatulence ? Holy California Diet all over the place ! 

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