- - Faggin Bikes: "A Day in the Workshop"

Faggin Bikes: "A Day in the Workshop"

"A Day in the Workshop" features the daily routine in the Faggin workshop based in Padua, Italy. Here’s Massimo and Cristina working on a custom steel track frameset.

Faggin Bikes has been building handmade Italian custom bicycle frames since 1945.


"Since Marcello Faggin set up his workshop at Udine in 1945, Faggin’s firm has become famous throughout the professional cycling world, thanks to its accurate, modern and hardy frames. 


In 1945 Faggin workshop moved in Via Filiasi, in Padua, where it’s still based nowadays, still making famous handmade frames. We have always been a family-firm, each one of us has contributed to every single frame with high quality professional work and love the dressing details. Every frame is a unique piece of an antique art. 

In the 50s, we were working at our best trend ever: we were producing about 50 frames per day. In the 70s, Marcello’s daughters took the ownership of the brand, combining the traditional antique art with fresh and modern ideas.

After more than 65 years, we are still making high quality alloy and steel frames, with a particular respect for the tradition, but producing as well modern and personalized stylish carbon frames".

Here’s a recent track "build" for a member of the "Dead Cyclist Society".

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