- - Finish Line Offers New Pedal and Cleat Lube

Finish Line Offers New Pedal and Cleat Lube

It doesn’t matter what brand or style of pedals you use, sooner or later, they all start making noises – mostly the cleats.

Mine in particular like to creak – especially when there’s a fluctuation in temperature.  🙁

​In any case, Finish Line (the makers of all things bike lubrication), has a new dry lube that’s specifically formulated to quell those squeaks and creaks called – Cleat & Pedal Dry Film Lubricant.  

According to Finish Line, their new product is designed to adhere to parts, and not the environment, whereby the lubricant is completely dry and will not attract dirt.

When applied, the lubricant will help break in new pedals and cleats, while preventing old ones from squeaking. In addition, Finish Line also claims that it serves to maintain proper "float" as well. 

The new Pedal & Cleat lube will be available next month in 5oz aerosol cans for $8.99.

p.s. Finish Line makes no claims that it will render our political system "squeaky clean" though.  😉

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