- - France Inaugurates New Velodrome in Paris

France Inaugurates New Velodrome in Paris

France’s new Vélodrome National in Paris had it’s "vernissage" last evening – with an exhibition match between France and Great Britain. 

Vélodrome National was originally conceived as part of Paris’ bid to host the 2012 Games. At a cost of some €68 million (75% of which came from public funds), the complex houses the new velodrome and a BMX facility, as well as the offices of the French cycling federation.

The new 250 meter track was designed by Ralph Schürmann. And, the overall complex includes an Olympic standard BMX track – plus accommodations for the 20-strong French national track cycling squad and up to eight BMX racers, along with a two 15 kilometer road racing circuit and mountain bike courses.

France beating Great Britain certainly added to last evening’s excitement. 

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