- - Fulcrum Launches 2013 Cyclocross Specific Wheel sets

Fulcrum Launches 2013 Cyclocross Specific Wheel sets

Cyclocross season has officially begun and Fulcrum is ready for the challenge.

Cyclocross is a demanding discipline, hard on both athletes and equipment. Cyclists participating in this rather extreme type of racing need to be free to concentrate on the technical aspects of their race or training, not worried about the durability of their equipment. It is with this in mind that Fulcrum presents a line of wheels developed specifically for cyclocross.

The Fulcrum CX wheels offer the same quality and elite performance that even the most demanding professional road riders appreciate while incorporating specific CX construction that withstands the most extreme elements and hard riding associated with cyclocross. With these new wheels you can concentrate on beating the competition, Fulcrum will take care of the rest.

The entire line of Fulcrum wheels is hand-assembled by a specialized Fulcrum technician and subsequently reviewed in minute detail with electronic instrumentation.

This ensures that every Fulcrum wheel that leaves the factory is up to our stringent standards of quality, performance and reliability.

The world of cycling is constantly evolving and Fulcrum prides itself on evolving continuously.

The rules regarding disc brakes for cyclocross have changed and they are now legal for sanctioned races.

Fulcrum was already prepared for this breakthrough with the RED POWER 29 XL wheelset. With the Red Power 29 XL you can attack the cross course with the confidence of having Fulcrum quality and performance in addition to the extreme braking efficiency that disc brakes offer in all conditions.

Pure speed, even in the mud.

The Red Wind XLR CX gives the same lightning fast speed, efficient aerodynamics and overall performance as its road specific counterpart, the Red Wind XLR, while remaining fearless in the face of the mud, sand and rough conditions of cyclocross.

Quick enough to take you straight to the podium, resistant enough to stay that way even after seasons of demanding conditions and terrain, this is a true cross athlete’s wheel.

The perfectly balanced high-profile lightweight carbon/aluminum rim, aluminum braking surface, smooth bearings and Fulcrum Cross Construction hub make this wheel the envy of everyone else on the starting line.

Red Wind XLR CXs are compatible with

The new Racing Quattro CX is quite possibly the perfect all around cross wheel.

With its 35mm rim it is extremely versatile as it is low enough to both reduce weight and offer great stability even during strong cross winds while still offering an aerodynamic advantage.

Sturdy, stiff, reactive and, thanks to the CX specific hub construction, also ready for the mud, sand and water of the cyclocross season.

Straight Aero spokes with a differentiated thickness numbering 20 at the front and 24 at the rear.

Radial front wheel and Fulcrum® 2:1 Two-to-One™ Spoke Ratio rear wheel. Dynamic Balance™ technology is also included, and thanks to two specifically designed spokes, it keeps the rim’s rotational weight in balance during wheel rotation.

Medium profile 24mm rim, with spoke reinforcements and aluminum braking surface for more powerful and adjustable braking.

The all new Racing 5 CX wheels have a deeper rim upper bridge for easier clincher fitting and are compatible with clinchers up to 35mm.

While graphically the new Racing 7 CX wheelset appears to be quite similar to its road specific counterpart, it has a different personality and enjoys the mud and grime of the demanding cyclecross race circuit.

Manually assembled and put through 5 different quality control tests, this wheel guarantees Fulcrum quality and reliability.

Perfect for those cyclecross racers looking for a high level training wheel or for those cyclists trying their hand for the first time at cyclecross but want to shoot for victory on the first go!

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