- - Fulcrum Launches New Racing Zero Carbon Wheelset

Fulcrum Launches New Racing Zero Carbon Wheelset

Fulcrum announced that it’s upgrading their flagship Racing Zero wheelset with a deeper rim profile and an improved braking surface. 

The secret love-child of Campagnolo, is introducing  an upgraded version of the Zero’s that will utilized a new 30mm unidirectional, carbon fiber rim, along with a 3k carbon braking surface. 

According to Fulcrum, the inside of the rim does not have any spoke holes, though it’s not considered to be a tubeless clincher model. To accomplish this, the aluminum nipples are placed inside the rim before the final carbon is applied in a fabrication process they call – MoMag.

The front wheel consists of 16 straight pull aero aluminum spokes, which are laced to a carbon/aluminum hub. Similar to previous Fulcrum wheels, the hub shell is made from carbon, while the flanges are constructed from aluminum, along with Fulcrum’s USB ceramic bearings.

The rear wheel partakes of a two-to-one lacing pattern, that features 14 straight pull aero aluminum spokes on the drive side, along with 7 spokes on the non-drive. Rear wheels use the same carbon and aluminum hub construction, to include a special Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation treatment on the freehub body. 

Fulcrum claims that their new Racing Zero’s weigh in at 1268g for tubular version, and 1358g for the clinchers.

There’s no exact word when the wheelset will become available.

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