- - GU and Strava Generate $50,000+ for Charity

GU and Strava Generate $50,000+ for Charity

Here’s some advice: Never underestimate the dedication and determination of endurance athletes. From 10/6 to 10/26 we put our money where our mouth is by challenging athletes to run and ride their tails off for a good cause. With proceeds going to the Challenged Athletes Foundation, GU pledged one penny for every kilometer ran, and one penny for every three kilometers ridden, with a cap of $50,000. That’s five million pennies in only 20 days. Seemed a little implausible. But then 71,538 Strava athletes signed up. And then 71,538 Strava athletes rode and ran their tails off.

It became apparent very quickly that this community would demolish the goal that was set. With three days remaining the $50,000 barrier was hit. All told, the athletes that signed up for this first-of-its-kind Strava challenge tallied 17.5 million kilometers. Those who reached a separate individual plateau are eligible to buy a limited edition shirt that also benefits challenged athletes, and that group has added an additional $8,683, a number that is still growing. Truly impressive effort.

Other awesome tidbits:

  • $58,683 means five young kids will receive running prosthetics and experience a lifetime of running and sports…OR…12 athletes with spinal cord injuries will receive hand cycles and experience the independence that cycling gives.
  • Strava published this cool heatmap to track global activity of the Ride and Run for Challenged Athletes
  • GU’s very own product manager, Pam Kennedy placed 36th out of 21,965 in the run challenge, tallying about 20k a day!

Thanks to Strava and CAF for being such great partners, and thanks to all those athletes that stepped up and helped us sign that check!

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