- - Gallant Bicycles Seeks Crowd Funding

Gallant Bicycles Seeks Crowd Funding

The Toronto based bike brand, Gallant, is turning to crowd funding as a further means to bring its diverse range of artisan bikes to market.

Indeed, everything from a classic steel road bike, to a "city cruiser" punctuates the Gallant line-up.

Checkout their vigorous Kickstarter campaign.   

Bicycles designed, painted & assembled in North America. Welded overseas and customized by the bike rider for their cycling needs.


We’re passionate about local manufacturing. But we knew that to succeed in a time where well over 99% of bicycles are made overseas, we’d have to deliver something no one else could. Combining overseas frame fabrication with our custom powder coating capabilities allow us to deliver unique custom bicycles with distinctive character, and our direct sales model allows us to be price competitive with similar quality bikes.

Our current models were designed specifically with the urban rider in mind. They are lightweight and durable, with an all-chromoly steel frame, and they are designed for easy maintenance and all-year riding, with a variety of single speed and internal gearing options.

However, many of our customers have been asking for a Gallant Bicycle for road and fitness riding. The No. 3 bike frame is the answer. In development for the last year, we put together everything we’ve learned since the beginning of Gallant Bicycles, from customer feedback to our own product development and manufacturing processes.

Prior to releasing the No. 3, our current models include the No. 1, our diamond frame bicycle with tight track-style geometry.

The No. 2 is our more relaxed step-over frame bicycle.

For prototyping, we turned to local frame builder Patrick Gauci of Cycle Works. We wanted to control each step of the prototyping process instead and Patrick built our initial samples here in Toronto. 

The new No. 3 bicycle frame design allows us to meet far more of the customization options commonly requested, and it will allow us to build higher-end road, cycle cross and touring bikes. It will be available in 4 sizes: Small (48), Medium (53), Large (58) and XL (63).

Custom frame building is experiencing a resurgence, but with pricing typically in the $3000 to $4000 for a complete custom bicycle, it’s either out of reach or unnecessary for the majority of riders. And wait times for custom bikes can be in the years. The alternative is a built up bike from a store, with pre-configured parts and generally loud graphics and logos! 

Gallant’s bikes are all powder coated something not seen in this price range. The powder is applied electrostatically and cured in their large industrial ovens. This creates a hard finish that is tougher than the conventional painting standards.

With the new Gallant No. 3, riders get the flexibility and amazing about of flexibility. Including beautiful custom painting options and component choices from SRAM, SHIMANO and CAMPAGNOLO. 

With an interchangeable dropout system, the same frame can be setup as single speed, internally geared hub, or external derailleur. It also can accommodate calliper or disk brakes, accepts larger tires if necessary and has clearance for fenders.


We want this bicycle to be of the utmost quality and last a lifetime. That’s why we selected Tange dropouts and chromoly double butted tubbing. Tange has 90 years of experience manufacturing tubes since 1920.  

The No. 3 bicycle frame set will ship in the spring, just in time for a full riding season. 

Look at our rewards for a bunch of different configuration options for the Gallant No. 3 bicycle.

Through this Kickstarter, we’re also offering complete bicycles in our No. 1 and No. 2 styles, and these bike models will ship as early as 30 days after the campaign.

Choose from our Medium and Large No. 1 full chromoly classic diamond frame bicycle which has traditional horizontal track bike drop outs.

Backers looking for a more relaxed ride can also choose our No. 2 full chromoly step through bicycle one size fits most. This bike comes standard with aluminum fenders, chain guard and kickstand. 

 Both bicycles can be customized in multiple ways from different handle bar, stem, saddle and of course can be customized with any of our 14 colours and our single, 2, 3 and 7 speed drive train options.

To play around with your own design go to our online builder Gallant Bicycles websiteand start designing your own.

For even more inspiration check out our recent builds on our Instagram feed.

With two successful Kickstarters under my belt I know what it takes to deliver. Since starting Gallant Bicycles, we’ve made hundreds of custom bicycles and we’ve learned a thing or two about designing great bikes, efficient production including custom painting, and delivery.

Thank you for helping us take Gallant Bicycles to the next level.


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