- - German Cyclist Breaks Altitude Record

German Cyclist Breaks Altitude Record

photo credits @ Christian Habel 

German cyclist Guido Kunze, set a new altitude record, after riding his bike up the 6,233 meter climb of the Ojos del Salado volcano on the Argentina-Chile border. 

Kunze rode from Bahí a Inglesa on Chile’s Pacific Coast to the north west ridge of the Ojos del Salado on the evening of October 16th – 150 meters higher than the existing record holder, fellow German Andre Hauschke, who set his benchmark in April 2010.

The ride took Kunze a little over 37 hours, which covered 342.8 kilometers with a total elevation gain of 6,899 meters.

Kunze had this to say after his feat.

"It was really tough, not only the altitude but also the brutal winds.

“Now I am overjoyed. The detailed and meticulous preparation has been well worth it.

“Nobody in our team suffered from altitude sickness and there were no injuries or damage to the equipment.”

Sponsors of the record attempt included Garmin , and the Swedish camping stove manufacturer, Primus.

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