- - Gi Bike Full-Size Foldable eBike

Gi Bike Full-Size Foldable eBike

The new Gi Bike is a full-size foldable eBike that’s about to come to fruition through Kickstarter.

“It has tons of cool features, but the best one (for me at least), is that it’s full-size and it folds in merely 3 seconds,” says Gi Bike’s Max D’Angelo. “It also runs 40 miles on battery, and has smartphone integration, anti-theft safety lock, carbon drive belt…”

The lithium ion battery is cleverly stored inside the down tube and offers five levels of assistance, along with a smart mode that analyzes usage, and adjusts itself accordingly. Furthermore, the Gi can provide speeds of upwards of 15mph (25kph) via electrical assistance.

In addition, the Gi Bike comes with integrated rear lights, LEDs on the sides of the front wheel, and wireless smartphone integration capabilities. Moreover, it will have it’s  own app for both Android and iOS phones.

“The intelligent app will foresee any detractions from your set-route, enroute,” says Gi Bike. “Hazards, constructions, heavy traffic, will be constantly updated by users via social integration, making the Gi your perfect companion when time’s running short.”

There’s also an anti-theft lock system that switches on automatically when you walk 10ft away from the bike.

The Gi is fitted with a monoblade fork, an off-center seat tube, a one-sided chainstay – with no seatstays at all. It’s belt drive mechanism features a USB port in the down tube that can recharge your phone while you’re riding. The rims and spokes are custom-made specifically for the Gi, and they’re shod with 26×1.5in tires. Additional accessories such as a rear mudguard and a briefcase holder are currently under development. 

The frame is made from aluminum, and the complete bike weighs 37.5 lbs. (17kg), while the standard, non-electric version is considerably lighter at 26.5 lbs. (12kg). 


The lightest, safest, folding smart eBike. For people who love the city.


For 200 years, since the inception of the bike, we haven’t experienced true bike evolution. Behold the Gi, a 21st century crafted vehicle, by city lovers, for city lovers. Conscious, intelligent, practical, light, connected, easy and a pleasure to ride. Love the City. Love your Gi. A Feather in the Streets.

Full Features

Light as a feather. Strong as a bull.

The Gi is made of aluminium: a sturdy, light material. The electric model weights 17kg (37.4 lb) and the standard model only 12kg (26.5 lb)

Folds as fast as reading this phrase.

It will take only 3 seconds of your time, and one motion, to fold your Gi. After folding, it’s easy to carry on, like a wheeled-luggage, you just grab the handles and take it home.

No one-trick pony.

The Gi has everything most electric bikes and standard bikes have. And it’s full-size. The best of both worlds.

40+ miles without dropping a sweat.

Electric assistance carries you 40 miles without pedalling an inch.

Science fiction poetry.

A bike crafted by engineers who love the city, for people who love the city. The Gi was dreamed for heavy commuters and people who love sunday drives around their fav city neighbourhood.

Safest option in the streets.

Most bike accidents are car side-hits. Gi’s frontal wheels feature smart led lights that turn on at night, gaining visibility in darker hours thus making the ride the safest one possible.

Traffic down the road? A bump down the street? Let’s do brief detour.

The intelligent app will foresee any detractions from your set-route, enroute. Hazards, constructions, heavy traffic, will be constantly updated by users via social integration, making the Gi your perfect companion when time’s running short.

No pitstops.

Zero maintenance. Gi’s carbon drive belt means no maintenance at all. Cero. Zip. Nada.

High performance battery.

Gi features a Lithium-Ion high performance battery that lasts 40+ miles without recharging. Plus, you can use it to plug your smartphone while you drive.

Easy to lock. Easy to share.

Great integrated anti-theft lock. Locks automatically once you walk 10 feet away from your bike. You can also add users to your Gi, so it’s super-easy to share with friends and family.

Connected to what matters you most.

Smartphone integration to facebook, twitter, and maps. Wireless connection allows for no extra wires and easy of use. Exclusive Gi app will be available for both Android and iOS.

City conscious.

Gi is conscious to all city things. Safety, ecology, transport, traffic. It cuts corners in your life, and it helps make the world a safer, eco-friendly place.

Commuting: no longer a bad word.

Folding is super fast to get that last-minute train or subway. The electric assistance is great for that day you’re super tired to get back home, or for that very special meeting you must arrive clean and with no-sweat.

Become a tourist. In your own city.

Use it to go to work. Use it to have a sunday drive. Don’t worry about everything else. The Gi does that for you.

City with hills, I fear you not.

Electric assistance makes the Gi a great option for cities like San Francisco and cities with hill.s

Avoid maintenance. Avoid dry cleaners.

A carbon drive belt allows for zero maintenance of both the bike… and your trousers.

Running low on battery? Don’t worry. You can plug your smartphone in.

USB Integrated port will allow you to charge your smartphone while you’re driving or drinking a coffee at your favorite joint.

A beauty in the streets. A beauty in the living room.

A beauty folded. A beauty unfolded. The Gi will be a new happy addition to your living room.


  • Innovative, sleek design. 
  • Fastest folding bike. One motion. 3 seconds. 
  • Safety-Smart Lights on the sides of the front wheel to avoid accidents at         night/darkerhours. 
  • Electric and Non-electric versions available. 
  • Integrated rear lights 
  • Runs 40+ miles on Lithium Ion battery, without recharging. Great for cities with  hills  Commute to work in the summer without dropping a sweat. 
  • Carbon drive belts to avoid maintenance (and dry cleaners) 
  • Smartphone integration, GPS, maps, social networking, and full control of Gi’s features,for both Android and iOS 
  • Integrated USB port so you never go out of juice 
  • Anti-Theft Lock System. Only you and people you choose can drive your Gi. Lock turns on when you walk 10 feet away from your Gi.

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