- - Giro Updates Empire SLX Road Shoe

Giro Updates Empire SLX Road Shoe


Weighing in at a ridiculously light 350g for the pair, the Empire SLX is an amazing 200g lighter than Giro’s Empire ACC – making it possibly the lightest road shoe available. 

To save weight, Giro decided to use a new upper made from Teijin Evofibre SL. According to the Italian brand, the material is not only lighter, but makes for a more breathable shoe.


The new SLX carries over Easton’s EC90 SLXII high-modulus carbon fiber sole, which features the same low 6.5mm stack height, along with replaceable heel pads and titanium hardware. 

However, beyond just an exercise in styling and light weight, the SLX is also a "reality" when it comes to performance as well. 

Indeed, Giro says big name riders such as Bradley Wiggins and Taylor Phinney have turned to the SLX as their shoe of choice – the argument being that the lacing system makes for better comfort and adjustably as compared to the typical mechanical closure, racket system. 

“From different lacing patterns to more incremental adjustment points, laces simply provide more range when it comes to fit, and the feel is more natural.” 

“They’re also incredibly lightweight, easy to replace and hard to destroy in a crash.”


At just 175 grams (size 42.5), the Empire™ SLX sets a new standard for light weight cycling footwear. Yet it doesn’t compromise the structure or stiffness needed to put full power to the pedals thanks to a combination of exceptional fit, a new Evofiber™ SL one-piece upper, and the Easton® EC90™ SLX2 high-modulus outsole. And with replaceable heel pads, full titanium hardware and our adjustable SuperNatural Fit Kit, these are full-featured shoes built to win, and built to last.

One-Piece Upper Design Premium Evofiber™ SL Breathable Microfiber Sport Laces: Holds a Knot, Durable, and Light
Easton ® EC90™ SLX2 High-Modulus Carbon Titanium Hardware Replaceable Heel Pads
Ultralight SuperNatural Fit Kit with Adjustable Arch Support Ultralight Footbed with Adjustable Arch Support X-Static ® Antimicrobial Fiber Travel Bag Included
175 grams (size 42.5)
Unidirectional carbon fiber outsole is engineered to provide a direct connection with the pedal, thanks to class-leading stiffness that puts full effort into forward motion.

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