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Giuseppe Saronni

Happy birthday to Giuseppe Saronni, who was born on September 22, 1957.

The Italian rider is best known as both a formidbale sprinter who was capable of winning one-day classics, as well Grand Tour events.

Indeed, Saronni list of accomplishments reads like a Who’s Who of cycling. 

Grand Tour Events 

  •  won the 1979 Giro d’Italia in front of Francesco Moser of Italy and Bernt Johansson of Sweden.
  •  won the 1983 Giro d’Italia in front of Roberto Visentini of Italy and Alberto Fernandez of Spain.
  •  2nd in the 1986 Giro d’Italia behind Roberto Visentini of Italy.
  •  3rd in the 1981 Giro d’Italia behind Giovanni Battaglin of Italy and Tommy Prim of Sweden.
  • won the Points Jersey in the Giro d’Italia four times, in 1979, 1980, 1981, and 1983.

One-Day Events

  • won the 1982 World Championship Road Race in front of Greg Lemond of the USA and Sean Kelly of Ireland.
  • 2nd in the 1981 World Championship Road Race behind Freddy Maertens of Belgium.
  • 3rd in the 1986 World Championship Road Race behind Moreno Argentin of Italy and Charly Mottet of France.
  • 4th in 1978 World Championship Road Race behind Gerrie Knetemann of Holland, Francesco Moser of Italy, and Jorgen Marcussen of Denmark.
  • won the Tour of Lombardy Classic in 1982.
  • won the Milan-San Remo Classic in 1983.

In other one-day events, Saronni won the Championship of Zurich in 1979.

He also won the Fleche Wallonne Classic in 1980.

Saronni began his professional career in 1977 and retired from racing in 1990.

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