- - Golden Gate Bridge Considers Toll for Cyclists

Golden Gate Bridge Considers Toll for Cyclists

Bridge officials in California are considering a proposal that would introduce tolls for cyclists who cross the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

The new plan is one of many that the state’s special district authorities considered last week, in an effort to avoid a projected deficit of more than $200 million.

The authority that oversees the bridge (the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District), says that if no changes are made to the current operations, they expect to see a deficit of $33 million in five years, up to $210 million in 10 years. 

About 6,000 cyclists ride across the Golden Gate Bridge every day.  

According to sources,  the bridge’s Board of Directors listened to proposals regarding fees for cyclist (and pedestrians) on Friday. And, despite the fees being unpopular amongst board members, they were nevertheless kept in the financial plan after a narrow vote of 10-9.

However, before any fee is implemented, a lengthy study would have to be undertaken – which could go out several years from now – not to mention public hearings as well.


Sources say a more likely plan, would be to reduce the number of jobs through outsourcing, as well as increased fares for the 40  plus million cars that cross the bridge each year. 

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