- - Impossible Technology's Folding eBike

Impossible Technology's Folding eBike

                   A folding electric bike that can fit into a backpack.

The ‘Impossible’ by Impossible Technology, is a folding electric bike that

can fit into a backpack and be carried around easily – simply because it weighs less than 5kg. 

The design features a frame that’s built around a circular structure, rather than a traditional horizon top tube – to better distribute a rider’s weight across the frame. Moreover, since the seat and handlebars positioned at a similar height, the front and rear wheels evenly bear the stress as well.

The Impossible is made primarily from carbon fiber in order to make it extremely light and durable – featuring a connecting box in the frame’s center which is made from steel. This allows it to support a maximum load of 187lbs/85kg and withstand the rigors of  everyday use.

Checkout Impossible Technology’s crowd-funding campaign on KickStarter.  


When we first began to design Impossible, we felt that Impossible needed to be more than just a folding bicycle. It needed to compact enough to fit inside a backpack and lightweight enough to be easily transported anywhere. Creating a bike designed to be both incredibly light and yet durable has been no easy task.

We eventually decided on a brand new design: a frame built around circles instead of a single horizontal girder. The circular design of the frame helps to ensure that the bike spreads the weight equally across the frame. We put the seat and the handle bars at similar heights so that the front and rear wheels would bear the weight of the rider equally. We have used a carbon fiber as the primary material in the frame, making both extremely light and very durable. The “connecting box” in the middle of the frame is one of the handful of pieces made of heavier steel. This steel box can easily bear the weight of the rider and withstand the shocks associated with everyday use. In its current incarnation, Impossible can carry up to 85 kilograms/180 pounds (Please see stretch goals).

In order to save space, we have combined the function of riding saddle and carrying case. While folded, the NeverWet-coated carrying case keeps Impossible and its charger clean and ready for use wherever you choose to store it. Even on rainy days, backers can enjoy a safe and comfortable ride. 

The disc motor of Impossible is both lightweight and powerful. With ten 2900mah 10A 3.6V 44.5g  batteries, Impossible can travel up to 12.4 mph for 45 minutes or at normal speed for up to 15.6 miles. 

One of our main challenges was choosing an electric motor that would fit our parameters both in terms of power and in terms of weight. For the purposes of our proof of concept, we have modified an existing electric motor. However, Impossible coming from this project will be shipped with a motor completely designed by Impossible Technology. This motor will be a brushless DC motor designed and built specifically for use with Impossible. 

For our prototype, we redesigned the switch and removed a number of unnecessary parts for the existing engine. Similar to the engine above, Impossible shipped from this Kickstarter project will use a switch completely of our own design. 

Riding Impossible is a breeze. Simply point the front wheel in the direction of travel and off you go, no pedaling necessary. If we receive enough support from the Kickstarter,Impossible will also have removable covers available in a variety of colors from our online store. In its current form, around 40% of parts on Impossible are customizable, such as the wheels and handlebars. We are working to make the other 60% similarly customizable. We plan to include even more accessories and designs in the future through our online store, so feel free to send your feedback and ideas. If we choose to manufacture one of your suggestions, you will receive the accessory for free and be credited as the designer on our website. 

You can fold and unfold Impossible in four easy steps  

If successful, we will need around 8 months after the campaign to fine tune Impossible before we start production. As part of this campaign, we promise not to cooperate or to sign any sort of contract with a major retailer before our backers receive their Impossible. There are three packages available through this campaign: white, black, and original carbon fiber color. The original carbon fiber color Impossible will only be available through the Kickstarter campaign.


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