- - K-Edge Launches New Mount for Garmin Edge 1000

K-Edge Launches New Mount for Garmin Edge 1000

Following Garmin’s announcement this week regarding the launch of it’s new Edge 1000, it would make perfect sense that the popular marker of aftermarket mounts, K-Edge, would follow up with a perfect match for the new device.   

Indeed, just hours after Garmin released the news about it’s Edge 1000, K-Edge announced the launch of a new mount – specifically designed to accommodate the longer body of the 1000.   

The new mounts carries over all of the features that make K-Edge a top choice amongst cyclists, such as an ultra-solid CNC-machined aluminum body with bottom-fed bolts, choice of anodized colors, and a smooth feeling quarter-turn plastic insert for the computer interface.

Here’s a quick glimpse at the new mount.

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