- - KTM Bicycles Arrive in the USA

KTM Bicycles Arrive in the USA

While I’ve always consider my mind to be an almost encyclopedic repository of bicycle brands and ephemera, I must admit, I was unaware that the famed Austrian maker of motocross bikes, KTM, produced what appears to be some pretty slick looking road bikes. Perhaps, what’s even more impressive, is the bikes are purportedly handmade in KTM’s own facility in Austria.

Here’s a ditty about KTM bikes and their new importer for North America – Imperium Bicycles. 

About Us

Imperium Bicycles is your one stop source in the United States and Canada for KTM Bicycles. After decades of success in Europe, KTM Bicycles are finally available on American soil. The bicycle division of KTM started back in 1964 when they were commissioned by the Fleetwing Company to build a bike for the US market. The Fleetwing bicycle had a futuristic design with big 26”x1-1/4” wheels, steel frame, beach cruiser- steering, twin headlights and horn with an integrated battery. This bike soon became an American Icon and due to its success in the American market launched KTM into the bicycle industry in Austria.

Up until now KTM Bicycles have not been available in the US however over the last 50 years they have become very popular among bicycle enthusiasts in Europe. We are proud to announce that these handmade state of the art bicycles are now available to the US market, exclusively through Imperium Bicycles located in sunny south Florida. 


noun \im-ˈpir-ē-əm\  supreme power and absolute dominion: control

Imperium Bicycles sells only KTM bicycles and because of their dominance over the competition we consider the name IMPERIUM the perfect fit. KTM Bicycles do have absolute power and command over the bicycle industry.

KTM Bicycles have a reputation for being some of the best made bicycles in the world because they incorporate the newest innovative technology and components available in the industry. These handmade bikes are fabricated and assembled in Mattighofen, Austria in the same factory where it all began some 50 years ago. The crew at KTM is full of dedicated artisans with a passion for hand crafted bicycles and a long history of excellence and high quality. Imperium is excited to have been given the opportunity to represent these awesome bikes here in the US.

You can reach us at or 855-KTM-BYKE(855-586-2953) or 772-426-3000 to learn more about these exciting bikes. 

Take a few minutes to check out the web site and thanks for your interest in KTM Bicycles.

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