- - Lazer, Ridley and BioRacer Partner on Aerodynamic Testing

Lazer, Ridley and BioRacer Partner on Aerodynamic Testing

Belgian Aerodynamics Expertise Joins Forces!

Aerodynamic Testing with a Full Scale Model of a Professional Cyclist

The Flemish Companies:  BioRacer, Ridley and Lazer cooperated  in the so called “Bike Valley” project together with Trento (The Netherlands), ILA (Germany) and Voxdale (Antwerp, Belgium). All their expertise was brought together by Flanders’ Bike Valley in order to release a new measurement system (based on laser technology) and to study the newest aerodynamic product improvements. 
As a first step in the project was to create a full scale dummy of one the fastest professional cyclists. The biggest advantage of this method is that every improvement can be customized and fine-tuned for the cyclist. Afterwards a one week trial with the laser based measurement system was held.
Bert Celis, coordinator Flanders’ Bike Valley: “The know-how of Flemish Companies regarding aerodynamics and cycling technology is leading edge worldwide, but was until now rather divided. Each company had their own knowledge about their own product range. For the first time in history this know how was grouped during one week for joint tests. Together with the expertise of all partners this resulted in the ideal cocktail for innovations…” 
Toon Wils, Engineer Ridley Bikes: “It is very interesting to participate in tests of other cycling products and to learn from each other. Most of all the cyclist benefits from a total approach where every detail is fine-tuned and fitted within a total mind blowing concept. ”
Sam Ratacjzak, R&D BioRacer: “Great to see that a new measurement technology can uncover the invisible and allows you to create new insights. It can’t be stressed enough that for rather small companies open innovation and the access to new measurement systems is priceless.”
Guido De Bruyne, Ventilation and Aerodynamics Engineer Lazer: “It’s fantastic when so many great companies from in- and outside the cycling industry put their minds and knowledge together to create innovation that will eventually benefit every cyclist. This state of the art facility and ground breaking test possibilities are a dream for innovation that will no doubt follow from this.” 
The innovative measurement system and the customized 3D dummy (in time trial position) of the cyclist are leading edge technologies for sports aerodynamics. In the near future the objective is to create more 3D dummies which exactly fit to the dimensions of professionals and semi-professionals in order to adjust wear, helmet and bike. This first positive cooperation is a major leap in the realization of the cycling wind tunnel, which will be launched by the end of 2015 in Flanders’ Bike Valley in Belgium.

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