- - Lightweight Unveils New Schwarz Edition Wheels

Lightweight Unveils New Schwarz Edition Wheels

"Scharwz" is the new black when it come to wheels. At least it is according to the "uber" lords of high end carbon fiber – Lightweight.  

The German brand has unveiled a new black-on-black design, that’s nothing short of the most "murderous"  of color schemes.   

In addition to subdued graphics over matte black carbon, the new wheels get upgraded CeramicSpeed bearings as well. The new design, along with Lightweights Weiss Edition (that’s white graphics and spokes), is available on: the following wheelsets:


  • Meilenstein Schwarz
  • Meilenstein C Schwarz
  • Meilenstein Overmayer Schwarz
  • Fernweg Schwarz
  • Fernweg C Schwarz
  • Gipfelsturm Schwarz
  • Autobahn Schwarz

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