- - Lightweight to Introduce Smartwheel Technology

Lightweight to Introduce Smartwheel Technology

The Über Gods of carbon fiber wheels have plans to introduce their "Smartwheel" technology in the coming year or so. 

Lightweight claims, when their technology is finalized, riders will be able to monitor tire pressure, brake track temperature, wheel speed and more, with ANT+ protocols via in small microchip that’s imbedded in the rim itself. 

Lightweight sees this as an opportunity for riders to monitor the temperature of the wheel’s braking surface(s), so to better modulate their braking. In addition, the information that get’s stored, can later be used for tracking maintenance intervals or even proving mileage. Almost like a CarFax for prospective buyers considering purchasing a pre-owned set of Lightweight wheels.  

Lightweight hopes to develop it’s own phone app to support their Smartwheel technology. 

Pricing is yet to be announced, but preliminary information suggests that the Smartwheel option will add $1000 to the regular cost of a wheelset.

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