- - Look 675 Frameset

Look 675 Frameset

The 675 is the latest born LOOK road frame. It benefits from a completely new manufacturing process: the 3 most highly loaded frame zones are first draped on mandrels before being placed inside the mould with the rest of the frame for moulding. This technology permits a large gain in stiffness and a stronger frame.

For the first time on a road bike, LOOK has completely integrated the stem into the frame design. As well as the aesthetic impact this integration allows us to apply our Direct Drive concept meaning optimising all the cockpit parameters. We achieve this by using a short head tube tapering from 1 “ at the bottom to 1 1/8” at the top and removing the spacers. With this shorter pivot, oversized bearings and a stiffer stem, the whole cockpit is stiffer and more accurate. The A-Stem permits very accurate height and length adjustments without having to add spacers.

The 675 is designed in a very sporting spirit whilst being comfortable. The geometry takes this double objective into account and, for example, adopts a fairly high head tube to favour comfortable positions. The fork dampens vibrations, the bases and stays adopt a carbon composition and a shape ensuring a 25 % difference in lateral and vertical stiffness. This is the second-generation DCSC (Dual Comfort and Stifness Concept) concept. This concept is based on flattening the tube sections without reducing their diameter. The lateral rigidity is improved, also improving the vertical flexibility.

The 675 adopts the Press Fit standard: the bearings are integrated into the frame for better finishes, which also protects them from contamination. The Press Fit standard seals the bearings better because they are inserted into polyamide cups that are than pressed into the frame. Consequently fitting the bottom bracket is eased and its durability increased. The other advantage is that the frame is wider at the crankset because it includes the bearings. As a result the lateral stiffness increases, guaranteeing better transmission of pedalling forces.

The 675 has integrated cable passages in the down tube and in the right base and removable cable stops (LOOK patent). By changing these stops, mechanical groupsets can be mounted as easily as the Shimano (DI2) or Campagnolo (EPS) electric groupsets.

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