- - Look Launches New Kéo 2 Max Blade Pedal

Look Launches New Kéo 2 Max Blade Pedal

Look has launched a revised version of its Kéo 2 Max pedal called the Kéo 2 Max Blade, which encompasses much of the brand’s higher end pedal technology. 

The new pedal essentially features a composite strip for improved retention, which replaces the previous metal spring. Therefore, instead of adjusting the tension via a spring, different blades are used to provide different levels of tension.

According to Look, “with that new material, the sensations of engaging and disengaging are located at an intermediary level between a spring pedal and a pedal with a carbon blade.” 

The Kéo 2 Max Blade has a platform area of 400mm2, which is 18% larger than that of the Kéo 2 Max, and a width of 60mm. In addition, the axle position is the same, however, the stack height is now slightly lower at 14mm versus 15.7mm. Moreover, cyclists can choose between blade tensions of 8Nm and 12 Nm. 

With its chrome-moly axle, Look claims the new pedal weighs in at 118g, which is roughly 12g lighter than its predecessor.  

The Kéo 2 Max Blade will be available in both black and white, but Look has yet to announce pricing and availability.

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