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Mad Alchemy Embrocation

Embro is being ready for 130 miles, in April, 45°F, raining, but still loving the ride. It’s sprinting for the Provincetown line @ mile 140, against 7 of your best friends. It’s talking about your 7½ hour ride on the ferry back to Boston, dehydrated, but still sharing stories over a beer. Embro doesn’t hang the bike up in the winter. It simply lowers the tire pressure in the snow, puts on a wool base, and 2 pairs of shoe covers and rides. Embro is Portland in December, and New England in February. It’s rain, it’s snow, it’s mud and sometimes it’s even sunshine. It’s always about the experience. It’s about attacking on the hardest part of the course, or down that perfectly symmetrical, maple-tree ally. It’s about cobbles and cinder, new pavement and gaps. Embrocation will not make you faster. It won’t make up the difference between 4th and 40th, but it will most assuredly make you feel like a “better” cyclist, a more significant part of our community. Not everybody is ready to Embrocate, though everyone has Embro potential. We Embrocate for legs, we Embrocate for our experience, we Embrocate for the love of cycling.

– Pete

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