- - Manual for Speed" "Reach for the Dream"

Manual for Speed" "Reach for the Dream"

This is the first part of a two-part Public Service  

Announcement called Reach for the Dream: An

Illustrated Guide to Livin’ the Custom Life.

Reaching for the Dream includes but is not limited to: being all that you can be, attaining enlightenment, achieving self-actualization, reaching for the stars/daring to dream, and, of course, Livin’ the Custom Life, #customlife. The advantages to Livin’ the Custom Life, a life full of presence of mind, intention, visualization, self-expression and manifestation, is remarkably great and extraordinarily profound. If you know why Livin’ the Custom Life is paramount to your existence, and are ready to learn more about about Reaching for the Dream, please proceed to paragraph three. If you are still unclear why Reaching for the Dream is paramount to your existence, please read on.

Manual for Speed is not qualified to discuss the particulars. In lieu of that, and if you can’t or simply won’t trust us outright, please immediately consult a Life Coach, Athletic Coach, Psychologist, Guru, Shaman, Maharishi, Neighbor, Friend, Mother, Buddha, Mentor, etc.—someone you do trust. Once you’re up to SPEED SPEED SPEED please proceed to paragraph three. There’s no rush! This is not a contest. God works in mysterious ways and all that. Point is, when YOU are ready to Reach for the Dream, this eternally relevant and artfully effective Public Service Announcement will be here!

Congratulations!, YOU are ready to Reach for the Dream, i.e., you are ready to start the first day of your new life and/or at the very least, to reaffirm some of your most favorite and productive inclinations, proclivities and tendencies.

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