- - Marianne Vos Recovers From Surgery

Marianne Vos Recovers From Surgery

World Champion Marianne Vos successfully underwent surgery last Thursday to remove a small abdominal cyst from her lower back. The 27-year-old Dutchwoman returned to her home in Meeuwen to recuperate. 

"The cyst was removed through keyhole surgery, so there is a small wound,” Vos said. “The recovery is going very well and the wound is especially less painful than I had expected it to be. I’m glad I’ve have it done. The after effects are not too bad.”

Upon recovery, Vos will depart for training with the Netherlands national team in South Africa later this month. She is scheduled to return to competition for the Cyclocross World Cup in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium, on December 26th.

"It’s fine to combine them,” the World champion explained. "We will come back on December 13th, and then I will have a week and a half to specifically to train for cyclocross. Then I’ll use the upcoming races to prepare for the National Championships and World Championships. My main goals this winter.”

“The recovery is going well and the wound isn’t too painful. I am really happy I had it done.”

“I was world champion in Hoogerheide in 2009,” she said. “It’s a big goal. A world championship is always a challenge and I want to defend my title.”

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