- - Mark Cavendish Poses for Esquire Magazine

Mark Cavendish Poses for Esquire Magazine

While this fashion shoot may have taken place the better part of two years ago, these photos of the "Manx Missile", recently became available from the lens of renown photographer Gregoire Alexandre. 

From Esquire

Mark Cavendish – more than just the fastest man on two wheels. 

World champion, green jersey winner, Olympic gold medal favorite and Sports Personality of the Year. We knew all that. What we didn’t know before we met him (for our well-timed fashion story on rainwear) was that he’s a sharp dressed man with a keen eye on what he likes and how he wears it when he’s not grinding those pedals. "I wear Lycra for a living," he explains, "so I’ve got to take some pride in my appearance at some point don’t I?" Fair point Mark, fair point.


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