- - New Abrasion Resistant Fabric for Cycling Apparel

New Abrasion Resistant Fabric for Cycling Apparel

The Swiss fabric manufacturer, Schoeller Textiles, claims to have developed a new technology that can greatly reduce "road rash" for cyclists called – Ceraspace.  

According to Schoeller, the company has been developing it’s new method of incorporating tiny ceramic dots into lightweight, breathable fabrics in order to create a protective barrier against abrasion.  

Stefano Tonizzo, head of knit fabrics at Schoeller Textiles, confirmed that the technology is about to hit the market. 

"It could be a major step forward in road racing. The frequent crashes often tear straight through lightweight fabric, leaving the skin exposed to painful gravel rash." 

Tonizzo also added: "It could be very interesting for security if you fall – to cover some regions and areas of the garment with the ceramic print – because it really helps prevent skin abrasions." "It could be a very interesting step forward."

Schoeller says a couple of major cycling apparel brands have already embraced the technology , as the company continues to market it’s new fabric.



Ceraspace™: Only diamonds are harder.

Ceraspace™ is a new protection fabric technology from Schoeller opening a new dimension in abrasion proofing and heat resistance.

Withstands highest temperatures

When standard textiles are exposed to high temperatures, they become damaged. The ceraspace™ technology, when added to textiles, offers terrific protection. The 3-dimensional coating is highly resistant to elevated temperatures and works as a protective space barrier between the textile and a heat source. Thanks to the duroplastic properties of the polymer, no melting is possible and the heat-up rate remains low, minimizing the possibility of exposure to harmful heat and abrasion for the wearer.

Only diamonds are harder

The new ceraspace™ technology from Schoeller owes its outstanding protective properties to a unique composition of special ceramic particles anchored in a polymer matrix. The special ceramic particles are nearly as hard as diamonds and are firmly attached as a 3-dimensional coating to the textile.

Flexible in application

ceraspace™ is used in all areas in which textiles with maximum protective properties are required, such as, motorcycle, workwear and military apparel; footwear or protective trim for ski and outdoor clothing. The carrier materials, onto which the ceraspace™ technology is added, are available in full width and lengths and are variable depending on the requirements of functionality and end application. This means, a variety of textile properties or further protective functions are available, such as cut resistance or moisture management.

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