- - New App Sends Someone to Fix Your Flat

New App Sends Someone to Fix Your Flat

There’s a new phone app in the UK, that will dispatch someone from a network of couriers, to fix your flat tire. 

The new app promises to take the hassle out of repairing a flat yourself, by paying someone else to do it instead.

Kerbi will locate your nearest repair provider, which could be your local bike shop, a courier or just a another cyclist with a tool kit, and sends them a message as to your location. 

After the repair has been made, cyclists can pay for it through the app using online payment system Stripe.

Check out Kerbi. 

What is Kerbi?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could hail someone just around the corner to come to your rescue? well now you can.

With Kerbi, the stranded cyclist simply ‘hails’ a repair provider via the app, allowing bike messengers and repair providers in the area to respond directly to the call. He/she then chooses their repair provider.

Once the repair has been made, secure payment is made via the app, using Stripe.

What are the benefits?

Kerbi saves you time and hassle by finding nearby providers to replace or patch your inner tube. They come to you: flat out repair at the kerbside! Or they can come to an agreed place later in the day.

You can depend on the service that you get. Kerbi connects you with seasoned cyclists such as bicycle messengers for whom replacing or patching an inner tube is a regular part of life. Through practice, and necessity, they get very good at it.

You don’t even need your wallet with you. Kerbi lets you pay within the app, via Stripe – an online payment system.

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