- - New UCI Rule Requires Riders to Stay on the Road

New UCI Rule Requires Riders to Stay on the Road


Traditionally, riders are known for jumping off the road, cutting across roundabouts and using footpaths to gain a slight advantage, especially in the one-day classics events. 

The premise of the new rule appears to be aimed at stopping riders from taking short cuts to gain an unfair advantage and reduce the risk of crashes involving road fixtures and spectators. However, riders will still be able to race in the "gutter" of road. 

To wit:

1.2..064 bis … It is strictly prohibited to use sidewalks/pavements, paths or cycle paths alongside the roadway that do not form part of the course. Non-respect of this requirement is sanctioned in accordance with Article bis, without prejudice to any other sanctions that may apply.

  • fairness: the course can’t involve shortcuts or easy sections. If  the race organiser includes a section of cobbles then they and the UCI don’t want riders taking the easy option
  • safety: to stop riders trying to move to up the bunch by exploiting paths and pavements to the side of the road.

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