- - Oakley and Cadel Evans: ‘Future of Sport Cycling Project’

Oakley and Cadel Evans: ‘Future of Sport Cycling Project’

Oakley unveiled its latest design series in collaboration with Aussie pro Cadel Evans – called  ‘Future of Sport Cycling Project".

Futuristic handlebars and a computerized management system, atop a far-out bike frame, provide the back-drop of what appears  to be a bold exercise in marketing.


Indeed, the bike looks more like something out of "Tron", than it does a functional prototype that’s ready for production anytime soon. 

The video claims the design is completely cable free, with an adjustable OLED screen, which is can  provide terrain mapping, heart rate, GPS, G-Force, altitude and cadence. 

In addition, the bikes appears to be equipped with front and rear cameras for monitoring and tracking a rider’s movements and positions, as wells the capability of monitoring the movements and controls of the bike – to include other riders around it. 

Can we expect Oakley to beam us up anytime soon with this futuristic concept bike ? Not likely, but it sure is cool to look at. Dig ! 

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