- - POC Unveils New Cerebel Helmet at the Giro d'Italia

POC Unveils New Cerebel Helmet at the Giro d'Italia


POC unveiled a new aero road helmet at the start of this year’s Giro d’Italia today.

According to POC, the new Cerebel helmet was developed in collaboration with the Garmin-Sharp cycling team, Volvo Car Group and WATTS Lab.  

WATTS Lab is a highly recognized laboratory that specializes in aerodynamic and computational fluid dynamics. 

POC CEO and founder, Stefan Ytterborn, said the goal of the new Cerebel was to:

"complete our range of road helmets, each developed for a specific purpose. All our four helmets – the Octal, Octal Aero, Cerebel and Tempor – are extremely fast in their respective category, so it is a matter of priorities, conditions, the parcours and personal riding style. What it all comes down to is saving watts and seconds."

To gather a better understanding of how to improve aerodynamic efficiency, POC  performed CFD simulations and extensive wind tunnel testing together with Volvo Car Group, along with Garmin-Sharp riders Dan Martin, Jack Bauer and Andrew Talansky.

POC has implemented the data it gained from developing ski and mountain bike helmets in the development of its new road cycling helmets.

According to a POC spokesman, the Cerebel aero helmet will be presented at this year’s Interbike and EuroBike shows, with an expected released date sometime this Fall.

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