- - Pinarello Unveil New Dogma F8

Pinarello Unveil New Dogma F8

Pinarello and luxury sports car manufacture, Jaguar, announced the unveiling of the new Dogma F8 bicycle for it’s sponsored Team Sky this week. The F8 will replace the brand’s e acclaimed Dogma 65.1.

"This is the first time Jaguar’s comprehensive technical capability has been used by the team, and marks the beginning of a new collaborative relationship between Jaguar, Team Sky and its family of partners and suppliers, including legendary frame manufacturer Pinarello. Jaguar is now an official ‘innovation partner’ with Team Sky," announced Jaguar in a release.

The Dogma F8’s first race will be the Critérium du Dauphiné on 8 June. It will also have a major test on the Tour de France in Leeds on 5 July. Jaguar said it helped give Pinarello’s new frame:

"even better aerodynamic performance" by fixing "hard points" such as wheelbase and geometry determined by Pinarello’s designers. Jaguar’s engineers even developed the frame to "improve the aerodynamics of the tube profiles", among other things.

"Aero-led changes include aerofoil-shaped tubing optimised within UCI regulations, and a new aero seat post," Jaguar explained." The Dogma F8’s front forks have been developed to minimise drag and ensure seamless airflow on to the down tube. The rear derailleur wire/cable exits the frame at the back of the drop out, again to reduce turbulence. Three holes on the seat tube allow for a lower position for a second drink bottle, to further reduce drag."

Wind tunnel tests revealed the Dogma F8 bike is 26.1 per cent more aerodynamic than its predecessor, the Dogma 65.1. With the rider, it is 6.4 per cent more aerodynamic. As for Pinarello’s implementations on the new bike, it wanted to "maintain handling, reduce weight, and improve the stiffness and aerodynamics." The company also reduced weight by 9 per cent – thanks to a "better grade" of Torayca T11001K carbon fiber from  Toray.


Here is the eighth wonder!

The eighth generation of DOGMA creates a play of words that can become a perfect advertising slogan: The Eighth Dogma … the eighth wonder of the world.

In the past two years, DOGMA 65.1 has been the most titled bike on the planet, winning the Tour de France twice, the World Championship and more than 100 Pro Tour races.

The Dogma 65.1 has been a best seller without precedent for Pinarello and is universally recognized as a benchmark in the world of high end Road Bikes. 

Starting from these premises, you can imagine how difficult it was to improve this cult bike.

Pinarello LAB, TEAM SKY and JAGUAR created a working group where everyone brought his decisive contribution.

Team SKY with feedback from its athletes, Jaguar the Aerodynamics concerns CFD and Wind Tunnel testing, Pinarello LAB for cycling part, structural study and design. This synergy brought to light the Dogma F8.

“DOGMA F8 achieves new significant numerical data, but more importantly, maintains the unique driving feeling, which made previous Pinarello Dogma bikes unbeatable. Whoever rides the new F8 DOGMA, will immediately perceive the extraordinary work done by our team, in creating a streamlined and aerodynamic bike without losing the typical characteristics of DOGMA: a powerful and responsive bike for every track.

Fausto Pinarello

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