- - Pioneer Updates It's New Power Meter

Pioneer Updates It's New Power Meter

Pioneer has announced an updated version of it’s new SGX-CA500 Cycle-Computer head unit.   

As previously known, Pioneer’s system incorporates strain gauges that are mounted on both cranks, whereby the device can measure torque, force location, as well as force angle of each crank arm every 30 degrees throughout pedal rotation.  

In addition, the new head unit can map power in a number of ways. It can display standard readouts, to graphic readouts – showing exactly when and where each leg is producing power throughout the rider’s pedal stroke. 

After changing it’s name from ‘Pedaling Monitor System’ to "Power Meter", Pioneer gave the updated system a much needed improvement in hardware, wherein the power transceiver now directly mounts to the crankset, rather than relying on zip ties. 

Also, another new feature of the SGX-CA500 head unit, is that it can wirelessly upload data to Pioneer’s Cyclo-Sphere online software – when the computer is brought within range of a signal.

Pioneer says it’s Power Meter adds a mere 66g to the Shimano cranks, and it works on two CR2032 batteries with a claimed battery life of up to 120 hours.

Lastly, Pioneer claims it’s system falls within the standard +/- 2 percent in terms of accuracy.

The Power Meter will be available in four Dura-Ace 9000 chainring options (50/34T, 52/36T, 53/39T and 52/38T), as well as three Ultegra 6800 versions (50/34T, 52/36T and 53/39T) in lengths from 165 to 177.5mm. However, not all lengths will be available in all chainring configurations. Availability is scheduled for mid-March. 


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